NBN Documents

The NBN Co site has a range of engineering and corporate documents, key ones are shown here. External reports, government and agency documents are also included.

Compiled by Tony Eyers, please advise of mistakes/omissions via support@tektel.com.au

Technical Specifications

From the NBN Co Wholesale Broadband Agreement pages for fibre wireless and satellite services. Include addressing and QOS details.

NBN Co Ethernet Bitstream Service Product Technical Specification May 2014

Product Technical Specification – Interim Satellite Service Dec 2012

Corporate Reports

NBN Co Strategic Review Dec 2013: revised NBN direction, following 2013 change of government

NBN Co 2013-16 Draft Corporate Plan: this was never officially released

NBN Co 2012-15 Corporate Plan


Price List April 2014

Pit and Pipe Technical Guidelines

NBN Co technical specifications for pit and pipe installation for new developments

Network Design

NBN Co Network Design Rules Sept 2012: details NBN fibre, wireless and satellite architecture


NBN Special Access Undertaking Dec 2013: outlines NBN price and non-price terms and conditions for the ACCC


Broadband Availability and Quality: Full Report: Dec 2013 report by Department of Communications

Broadband Availability and Quality: Summary Report: Dec 2013 summary of report by Department of Communications

Statement of Expectations Apr 2014: Government expectations for NBN Co

Statement of Expectations Sept 2013: Government expectations for NBN Co

Review of the Rollout of the National Broadband Network Fourth Report Feb 2013: Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network

2011-12 Regional Telecommunications Review

External Reports

Review of the efficiency and prudency of NBN Co’s fibre, wireless and satellite network design: Sept 2012: Analysis Mason report